Monday, February 25, 2008

Lovely Leeks

Gourmet magazine arrived on Saturday, just as I was in need of some major cooking inspiration. Luckily, the March issue features French bistro cooking and has provided me with enough great recipes to get me through this week at least. Almost all of the recipes I chose to cook for this week call for leeks. Right after I graduated from college, I took off for England and France with my bike. I flew into London, rode down to the coast and took the overnight ferry to Dinard, on the coast of Brittany. I arrived early in the morning and began riding away from the city and into the countryside. The smell of leeks growing in the fields filled the air on that early summer morning in June. To this day whenever I cook leeks, the delicious smell takes me back to that moment on my first morning in France.


Mary-Laure said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip!
What are you making with the leeks?

Jill said...

Vegetarian cassoulet, Salmon with leeks and green lentils, Chicken braised in white wine with leeks and potatoes are on the menu for this week (all recipes courtesty of this month's Gourmet magazine). One of my favorite simple ways to cook leeks though is just to slice them thinly crosswise, and braise them in a little butter, white wine, and a tiny bit of cream. Salt and pepper to taste at the end. Yummy!