Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let There Be Light

The light has really changed here now...it's spring light, even though the temperature outside is still cold. There are rays of sunlight streaming through my kitchen windows now. Of course it helps that we have been having lots of sunny days recently. Here are a few sunny places around my house. This last photo is not my house, just a random doorway I discovered on my walk.

I have been enjoying reading this since I happened upon it a few weeks ago. Maybe you've already discovered it. I'm fascinated by other people's home renovations and Manteli's writing and photography is wonderful.

I discovered this yesterday through nectar and light. Really sweet and creative!


andrea tachezy said...

The top photo is lovely. is that a honey bear?

Jill said...

Thanks, Andrea. Actually it's a cinnamon and sugar bear...the kids love to be able to sprinkle it on their toast themselves.

anu said...

light is so wonderful to photograph!and you have taken a wonderful photos.and those links you have put in ...where so nice also!!!
But now i must say good night and buy!!!

anu said...

i meant to say bye or how that goes... hey!:) my english:(

Angie@CozyNest said...

I know, I love the spring light too :-) Nice photos!

Esti said...

I like the half picture of you (I guess is you...) smiling.
I haven't seen the sun for the last week, so it's nice to see a glmpse of it somewhere else. :)

Jill said...

Anu, never apologize for your English...it's great. I can't even begin to speak Finnish :)

Thanks, Angie, I hope some of your snow is melting out there!

Esti, yeah that's me...I'm smiling because I feel so silly taking a picture of myself in the mirror...but also because I love the spring light. Hope you get some sun soon!