Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunny Sunday Morning

A sunny Sunday morning featured currant scones, coffee, sunshine, dancing

Found over the weekend:

this lovely blog

which led me to this

and this

and lastly, this is a good place to visit on Mondays


pve design said...

delightful sunny morning.
sunshine was on my mind and also on my blog post today, drop in for a little sun.
pve design

andrea tachezy said...

You had a nice monday morning, with a wonderful light.

Mrs.French said...

I love the happy Sunday photos! Thanks so much for linking to my blog. I am flattered.

*Marie* said...

My dear Jill, it is so good to hear from you. It is so nice that there is someone out there who is interested in my life:) I just wrote that my little sisters husband got a new job in DK and that we are now looking for a house for them. That on friday my mom is coming and that the visit of my " mother in law monster" very positive was. I must say she is very hard to handle. And when every thing is over ( the visit of my family and the renovation of our laundryroom) I have more time for me, being creative, the kids and my garden. I hope I will find time to look at your older posts and if not now I will do it later I promise, cause I love to look at your blog:))...xx *Marie*

Esti said...

Tiny Dancer.... cute girl...

What music is she dancing to?

Jill said...

Esti, she's listening to High School Musical 2...has that movie/soundtrack made it's way to Spain yet? It's very catchy, but now that I have heard it played non-stop for the past week I want to burn it. Kids are happy though!!

Marie, thanks so much for your nice message...I'm glad to know everything is okay with you and that you have just been very busy.

Your'e welcome for the link, Mrs. French...I always enjoy reading your blog and love to pass on a good find to others.

Hi Andrea, nice to see you are back from your trip!

Thanks for visiting pve design! I left you a comment over on your blog :)

fine little day said...

What a beautiful morning.