Thursday, May 15, 2008

Around Town

Red door
Green panniers
Lovely tulips from the Bloemenmarkt
Wall art
On the canal
Quiet street
Wisteria, everywhere
Interesting restaurant, but we didn't eat here
Art deco wall tiles
At the fruit store
Window dollhouse (wish I could tell you which's a must see)
Old Dutch tiles

Today I'm just bombarding you with images because I just couldn't organize my thoughts to come up with a theme. Here's a short list of things of things we did that I would recommend:
Dinner at Balthazar's Keuken
Renting a pedal boat on the canals
Visiting the Rembrandthuis which is hosting the Maria Sybilla Merian exhibit (only until May 18 though)
The Van Gough Museum
Stopping by Droog, Frozen Fountain, Egg Merchantile
Eating pastries from little bakeries found along the way
Renting bikes
Seeing the Vermeer paintings at the Rijksmuseum
Outdoor cafes
Wandering the little streets of the Jordaan


Esti said...

Thanks for the sights!

artycho said...

I am having a beautiful and refreshing stroll around Amsterdam thanks to you dear Jill!

design for mankind. said...

Oh how WONDERFUL!!!!!

Mallinkowa said...

Lovely red door :) Thanks for quick tour around Amsterdam. Very nice. :)

Stardust said...

Lovely photos. The city looks beautiful in your photos. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs.French said...

I want to be on the canal....I have the urge to travel so badly!

Jill said...

Thanks so much for sharing my trip with me, everyone! This space has turned into a virtual travel journal for me this week and I appreciate that you are willing to play along and have a look! Thank you for all your nice comments...they mean the world to me, really!!

Design for Mankind, thanks for visiting...I always enjoy your blog and feel flattered that you checked out mine.

Mrs. French, I was having the same travel longing for a few years, and finally my kids were old enough to be left with my parents for longer than a few days, which finally resulted in this trip :) It was worth the wait!

Pia Jane said...

Oh Jill I am loving your pics! So cool to see it from your point of view. px
PS the beautiful weather is over as of today - I woke up to rain rain rain :-(

Jill said...

Pia, it's grey, cloudy and cold back here in Boston too. But those few sunny days were glorious! It's always fun to see your own town through a visitor's lens, to see what strikes other people's fancies.

love aesthetics said...

I love dutch old tiles! I collect them and have them in my toilet!So weird to see holland through pictures of tourists!

karina said...

I love your pictures!