Friday, June 13, 2008

morning light

6:30 a.m.8:30 a.m.
10:30 a.m.

In the summer I really notice the morning light.
Looking here, via Poppytalk, via Paperiaarre.
Have a happy weekend, folks.


Marie blablog said...

when it is here, makes you get up even at 6, drinkind tea while my last kid is playing (already !)...first visit on you blog, looks nice !

Mary-Laure said...

Oh yes, early morning light is one of the JOYS of summer. I hate getting up when it's still dark in the winter.
What type of flowers are those? They're very pretty.

Jill said...

Hi Marie, thanks for visiting! I just looked at yours's full of inspiration!

Hi Mary-Laure, Thanks! The flowers are peonies and roses from my garden. It's such a thrill to have my own flowers to pick in June :)

anu said...

What a lovely photos!Summermornings are one of my favorit times of day!
I have challenge for you in my blog!
Have a lovely weekend!

Jill said...

thanks, Anu! I'll do the challenge next week. sounds fun!

stacy said...

Aww morning. I love the top photo.

Mrs.French said...

I hope you submit these to the S t i l l pool..gorgeous photography my dear.

raining sheep said...

Wow Jill, such gorgeous photos. I am out of town and missing my love and these completely cheered me up because they are so beautiful.

Esti said...

That light!! I like the pictures a lot!!

Bohemian girl said...

This Savilintu blog is a find of the day, what am I saying, of the month!

artycho said...

The morning light is beautiful and yet not to warm nice to get up early! Have a lovely weekend dear Jill.

Stardust said...

Lovely post, just beautiful pictures! I try to cut some time from all the hassle & visit here more often! Your peonies are way ahead of ours, again. We have tiny buds. Jill, I was thinking of you, when I photographed my black, badly burned buns yesterday : )

Oh, and Happy Father's day! I heard you are celebrating it today (we have it on Nov).

Solange said...

What lovely pictures. I also enjoy the light in the morning, but we only have that too often in the netherlands... in the mornings, you still have this feeling that the whole day is for you and that you can do a lot :-)

Have a good week!


Jill said...

Thanks, Stacy!
Hi Mrs. French...I'd like to submit these to the S t i l l pool. Thanks for the suggestion!
Raining sheep, I'm glad these photos cheered you up!
Thanks, Esti!
I agree, Bohemian Girl...I spent a nice time looking at her photos too!
Hi Artycho! Hope your weekend was nice too!
Hi Stardust...lucky you get to enjoy the peonies now. Mine are just about gone. I'm laughing about the burned buns too! We made a big father's day breakfast here today, but I did not attempt sticky buns :)
Hi Solange, thanks for stopping by. I love that feeling in the morning too of lots of potential :)

Pia Jane said...

i love this morning light! no light this morning here :-(

Angie@CozyNest said...

Lovely photos, the light in the morning ins wonderful right now :-)