Friday, October 24, 2008

and a little more autumn color

Here are a few pictures of my parent's house from last weekend. My mom loves strong colors and is constantly playing around with color and texture in her home. The wooden sculpture in the first picture is a portrait of my great-grandmother, carved by my great-grandfather. Apparently, she didn't like it, and used it as a door stop.

Thanks for all your interest in the wool bags. They are looking great and I can't wait to show them to you. I'm hoping to photograph my sample bag looks like the light will be just right for it. Have a great weekend, everyone.


Anonymous said...

well that's an interesting bit about the sculpture...i have to say, she does look a bit busty and bound, maybe that was the turnoff? :)
i do agree with you - i enjoy reading others personal pieces too. it is just really hard and awkward for me to put it out there... i guess i don't want to feel embarrassed down the road, though i don't why i would (i think i'm just too hard on myself). i'm still really new to blogging, so i guess i will grow more at ease over time, right?

well anyway, thank you for your kind words - and enjoy your weekend as well, jill!

Esti said...

good light and strong features... have a nice weekend!!

artycho said...

I love these colours it tells me your parent's house must look great!
Can't wait to see your bags!
Have a lovely weekend Jill!

raining sheep said...

I love that second photograph. That entryway is wonderful.

gracia said...

Those walls! That delicious warm hue. Such beauty. I love similar visits home.

Jill said...

Thanks, Liz. Hope you had a good weekend as well. I think it does take a while to get used to blogging...I still feel like I'm developing my blogging style too. I guess it's an evolving process...

Thanks, Esti!

Hi Artycho, Raining Sheep, and Gracia!

Still working on those bags photos...I took a ton and am not happy with any. Still evolving on the photography side :)