Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 minutes: part one

Today I took ten minutes to take a bunch of snapshots. I feel like together they really captured my day. The kids have a school holiday today, but at the moment they are at the playground with my husband. It is blissfully quiet. The weather is a little gray and gloomy, but I happen to enjoy days like that. I'll post part two of my ten minute photo shoot tomorrow.

At the moment I am obsessed with a few things. Knitting, this etsy shop, and Esti's Magical Forest series.

And I really, really love Liz's photos at Bagged Lunch. Her blog is delightful to browse through.

And last, but not least, thank you for your nice comments on the bags and such. You are all so kind!

p.s. my husband took the photo of me today...it's not a self-portrait.


Esti said...

thanks for the link, jill
enjoy your quietness...

anu said...

Great pictures!!!
and i like that etsy shop too that you linked here!!!
And i must say that i like that bagged lunch blog pictures very much!!!

gracia said...

Hi there you! So nice that little peek of you as you appear to your sweet one...

andrea tachezy said...

I like your 10 minutes - and I wonder what kinde of cookies do you have there, did you made them? They look very tasty :-)

Anonymous said...

gosh, thank you for the plug jill! i'm really flattered. i gave you one right back...i love stopping in here for your pictures as well.
and these pictures present such a calm and cozy day, it all made me smile.
i can just about smell those cookies, and now i'm so tempted to bake, but all of my supplies are in transit or packed (it is alot, but we're doing surprisingly well). oh well, i'll have to settle for betty crocker :)

*continue to enjoy your day!

xx liz

Jill said...

Esti...the quiet lasted only a few minutes after I posted, but believe me, it was blissful. I don't think I realized how much I needed quiet :)

Thanks Anu, I'm glad you liked the links too!

Hi Gracia...I actually put him up to taking the photo, because I had just made the scarf and wanted a photo of it...he's usually a reluctant photographer!

Hi Andrea, those are peanut butter cookies. I was experimenting with making "healthy" cookies with whole wheat flour and half the sugar the recipe called for. They taste good to me, but I've noticed my kids aren't gobbling them up ;)

Hi Liz, you're very welcome and thanks for linking me too...I always feel like your blog space is very peaceful. I hope you're enjoying moving into your new house...I love that feeling of settling into someplace new and arranging everything. The last time we moved, my daughter was almost 3 and my son was a baby, although 9 months old, not a newborn.

Bohemian girl said...

That etsy shop rocks!

littlebyrd said...

What a talent you are! Seriously, I just love your pictures combined with your words = perfect.