Friday, January 9, 2009

10 things

10 things I like about today (because I couldn't get motivated to do any sewing)
1) knitting this scarf
2) the pattern of the living room rug
3) ice cream in the winter
4) jasmine green tea
5) sunshine
6) reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
7) the Anthropologie catalog came in the mail
8) my cozy empire waist sweater that looks like it came off the costume rack from Sense and Sensibility
9) a square of chocolate after lunch
10) it's Friday
Have a great weekend!


stylemaedchen said...

Love the wool you picked for your scarf. Hope you will show us the finished product. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

hi jill!
i love this list.
i'm a list maker myself, they're so satisfying aren't they?
and a good/happy things list is just so nice...
this makes me want to do more.

love the rug!!

raining sheep said...

Great list, especially the knitting and sipping jasmine tea. Hope your weekend was lovely

Esti said...

hi there Jill! I'm slowly getting back to normal work and a little blogging.
I like your list, I'd like to see your sweater and check that book, is it worth reading?

Jill said...

stylemaedchen, thank you for your nice led me to your blog, which is beautiful!

hi liz! lists are great and i need to make a to-do list right now in order to get me motivated to work...i always enjoy the lists you post on your blog.

hi esti! i'm always inspired by your lists too. i'll post a photo of my sweater for you and yes, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is really worth reading. it was written in the early 1940's so the style is a bit old fashioned, but i loved the story and the characters and it gives a fascinating description of turn of the century Brooklyn (where my grandparents grew up)

hi raina, i always think of you and your amazing knitting whenever i start a new project. you give me something to aspire to! as for jasmine tea, i think it's time for a cup right now :)

ms. less is always more said...

I have been so hooked on Jasmine Green tea too lately... a cup or two every night! I got a box for super cheap in China Town NYC last time I was there (I think $1.99, maybe?) and it is so fantastic! Such a simple pleasure...