Monday, January 26, 2009

cold weekend

Saturday we went ice skating, Sunday we just stayed inside. We played Chinese checkers, built with Legos, drew by the fire, and ate things like grilled cheese sandwiches and apple pancakes. It's cold today too, 12 degrees F, but I'm going out to get some fresh air!


mary said...

I know, I have to venture out today and go to the grocery store. Ack!

Your weekend sounds (and looks!) so perfectly cozy. And I spy a blue and red cup that I love! ;)

Mrs.French said...

sounds like the perfect weekend...especially the chinese checkers by the fire...stay warm deary...xo t

anu said...

Sounds so great weekend!!!
and that photo with a bambi is so beautiful!

Have great week beginning!

Kotori said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend - love that second photo... looks so snuggly on a cold day. Stay warm!

Blue said...

hi there-- found you via angela liguori and LOVE your blog, your work, your links-- thank you!

such a lovely discovery--

cheers, Elizabeth

famapa said...

your cold day sounds perfect to me!

Jill said...

Hi Mary, that blue and red cup is from the Rowley flea market a few years back. Do you ever go there? I am looking forward to it opening back up this spring!

Hi Traci, we played so many games of Chinese checkers that day. I won many, but my daughter won that spot right next to the stove :)

Hi Anu, yes, I love that bambi photo too...I couldn't resist putting it up there next to the stuffed little deer.

Hi Kotori: thanks for stopping by!

Hi Famapa, it was a relaxing, do nothing sort of day.

Hi Elizabeth, funny I just saw a mention of the Squam workshops yesterday on someone's blog, and I went to check out the website. And then I get this comment from you today! Thanks so much for your nice words, I'm glad you dropped by!