Thursday, April 16, 2009


1. Knitting up simple scarves these days.
2. More yarn.
3. The last of the blue stripe grain sack pillows. Happy they are selling, sad I can't keep them for myself.
4. Influenced by these.
Found Natsumi Nishizumi's blog last night via Frolic.
Did you know that Angela Liguori's lovely home was featured on Design Sponge?


Inklore said...

those yarns are really lovely and I've been loving natsumi nishizumi as perfectly simple.

hannna said...

Hello Jill!
That book is supposed to come out in english too, I don't know when, but I heard they were negotiating at the same as we were. Yes, it was a nice job. Not all translating is so nice. If the book sells well, I get to do more!

So much beautiful stuff you've been making!

Jill said...

thanks, inklore! i'm a big fan of simple and also of your shop. i find your work perfectly simple in the best of ways.

hi hanna! nice to hear the book may be coming out in english too. i hope the finnish version sells well so you get to do more :) thanks for your nice comment on my things, too.

Esti said...

Great colors as ever!!
And i got my package and love it!!! yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!
Many thanks!!

artycho said...

Jill I love your pictures and you pieces of work! Simply beautiful!

Jill said...

hi esti! so glad you liked the package. i'm amazed it arrived so quickly!

hi artycho! glad to hear from you...been missing reading your posts, but hope you had a good break!

n a t s u m i said...

These scarves are beautiful! Lovely colors! I wish I knew how to knit...

ps. thank you for the mention! ox

Jill said...

your'e welcome, natsumi! i find your blog and drawings delightful!