Tuesday, May 5, 2009

pretty cards and ribbons

Sunday's Paper and Fabric show went quite well, and I have some nice photos of Angela's table with all her pretty ribbons, cards, and books. I forgot to take pictures of my table, but I think Angela got some photos, and maybe she will post them on her blog too. As usual, the best part of any studio show is talking to the friends who stop by and making new ones. Thank you to all of you who dropped in that day. It was a pleasure to see you and get a chance to talk!
I'm hoping to get back to taking some pictures this week and hope I will have something new to show you soon.


Kim said...

Angela DID post photos! It all looks so wonderful.

artycho said...

I love those shots! I hope it went ok for you! I now go and check what your friend posted then!

Sharon said...

Hello Jill!
Congratulations:)you'll be receiving the 'Maison rouge a Tamarin'& 'Apres-midi au Morne'"Pascal Lagesse" print Greeting Cards