Thursday, May 14, 2009

remembering to look

Looking at things day in and day out, I tend to forget there is anything special about the things I put around my house. I begin to take them for granted. Taking a picture reminds me to look at them again, see them in a new light. Remember why I put them there in the first place.


Soon, Then said...

good call. I need to do this too.

gracia said...

I like these little details from your home... such a warm use of colour... and the artwork that hangs upon your walls looks great.

Kim said...

The color of the hydrangea is amazing on my monitor!

Mallinkowa said...

I love the paintings on your wall. :)

Liz said...

lovely, I'm trying to do this too, though our house is torn to bits right I have to go outside instead ;)
(your room looks like a tropical vacation retreat with the little pictures!)

raining sheep said...

Beautiful photos. You just reminded me that I have not picked up my camera in weeks.

Esti said...

it's amazing how looking through a lense can change the way we look at the world around us... I like your home details.

karina Manghi said...

Jill, I am trying to do the same!!!

Jill said...

thanks for all your nice comments, ladies! i'm behind in responding this week :)

thanks, gracia. you have such a great eye for details, so i feel very complimented.

kim, that poor hydrangea keeps moving around my house and manages to get its picture taken in many different corners. i love the color too.

hi mallinkowa! nice to hear from you again. hope all is well!

hey liz,
i look forward to seeing your little details too!

hey raina,
okay, i feel better that i'm not the only one neglecting my camera these days.

hey esti,
i like that the camera, or even the crop feature on the photo editor can make you see things you have missed or ignored before. always something new to see if you look hard enough :)

hey karina,
i am inspired that you are working on your photography (read it on your blog)...makes me think someday i will take a class or at least read a book on it. i think it would help me...if only i wasn't so lazy about doing so!

Jill said...

soon, then, hello! i look forward to seeing your photos too :)