Tuesday, June 2, 2009

little corner

This is the corner of my sewing table. I realized I've managed to unconsciously place my favorite little items here to inspire me while I work. There's a lovely painted rock from Esti, a candle from Saipua, a card from Pip-Squeak Chapeau, a collage by my daughter, a calender from Hello Handmade, a coaster I made from some favorite vintage fabric, a vintage postcard in a flea market frame and these beautiful monogramed cards and ribbons from Angela.

And on the wall around the corner is my calender from Satsuma Press, which always makes me happy to flip to a new month.

After my lazy day yesterday, I realized I need to get organized for the show I am doing this weekend. So, I'm labeling and packing today. If you are in New England, and would like a beautiful road trip, please come to the Squam Art Fair in Holderness, NH this Saturday from 7:30-9 pm. Stop by my table and say hello!


sarah said...

I can see why you're inspired by thse lovely items, I especially love the pebble.

Jill said...

hi sarah, thanks for leaving me a comment! it's so nice to hear from new readers :)

Esti said...

I'm so glad the rock is so well accompanied!