Wednesday, August 12, 2009

salt water

First swim of the year in salt water was Monday. I've been swimming lots at the lake near my parents house in NH, but the first real dip into cold, salty water is something different. The air was hot and humid that afternoon and the water at first was freezing, then refreshing as I got used to it. Our cottage backs up on a salt marsh which leads out to the Essex River, which in turn feeds into the sea. It's beautiful, incredibly so, and there are an amazing amount of mosquitos and green head flies to keep anyone honest. Beauty and the beast.

Besides loving Rebekah's Little Byrd Vintage blog, I also love her vintage etsy shop. She has so many wonderful little treasures at really reasonable prices and she's having an August sale. I couldn't resist a few items myself.

I have one more take me on a picnic bag left in my shop. The take me to the beach bags sold out, and I have decided to extend my sale on this last bag until the end of August.
Picnic, anyone?


Jane Flanagan said...

I'll only swim in salt water... it's the hardest thing about inland life for me. I miss sea-swimming a lot. These images are simply stunning.

eco-stylista said...

I have just found your blog and I think your photography is amazing! So calm and peaceful!

littlebyrd said...

Hey! Thank you! This was such a nice surprise to see on this Wednesday afternoon :)
Wow...this place looks amazing. So beautiful and the swim sounds like it could take all your cares away.

orange sugar home said...

just HEAVEN!

Jill said...

hi jane, you must miss the sea! i agree that it's hard to live far inland with no acess to the ocean. i hope you get a chance to get back to an ocean sometime soon.

thank you eco-stylista! i will go and have a look at your blog too.

your welcome, rebekah! i really love your shop and had to share.

thanks orange sugar nice to get your comment. the view is kind of heavenly here (although cold and cloudy at the moment)

orange sugar home said...

yeah!!! what a big surprise and I am sooo very excited to see your work up close!!!