Tuesday, September 22, 2009

barn sale

On Sunday, driving home from picking apples, the kids and I passed a barn sale. Here's some of what I brought home.

1. lovely old french bottle.
2. beautiful old afghan, perfect condition. I love thinking about whoever made it and the time it took them to pick the colors, design it and do the crocheting. I wish they knew how much I am appreciating their handiwork!
3. geranium painting.

This showed up in my e-mail today. A new film from Toast. It's so pretty!


vintage simple said...

Oh, the afghan - what a treasure..! I tried to watch the Toast movie, but the shaky cam makes me a little dizzy. I'll have to content myself with looking at the beautiful (still) photographs.
And I love the dolls, by the way... So clever and sweet.

Jill said...

thank you maria! hmmm...i do know what you mean about the shaky camera. thank goodness for all of toast's great still photography!

littlebyrd said...

Wonderful things you found this weekend! I love the painting :)
I found a solid white knitted afghan this weekend too for the shop - love those vintage handmade things.

St├ęphanie said...

What a beautiful blog ! I love it !

Jane Flanagan said...

Such perfect, beautiful finds!

orange sugar home said...

one thing I miss most about new england is the old crates or little tables by the roadside with old bottles filled with wild flowers. you pay in a tin or jar and walk away feeling like the world is pretty perfect.

Mrs.French said...

I want that painting! perfect finds! that video makes me weak in the knees...makes me want to shoot movies...xo t

katy elliott said...

I love love the painting. Great find!