Monday, November 23, 2009

after the show

So good to have the first holiday show of the season done! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi and chat on Saturday. Seeing old friends and making new ones is the best part of doing these shows. I wanted to share some links from the show and some photos of what I came home with this time.

Pansy Maiden: beautiful bags. You can find Laura's work here and I hear she will be at the Bazaar Bizarre on December 6th.

Jill Rosenwald: gorgeous ceramics. You probably know her work already, but if not, it's lovely, and you should have a look.

Ella Rose: I had to have one of their necklaces made from vintage men's neckties. Plus she donates her proceeds to a women's charity organization. (pictured above)

Susy Pilgrim Waters: I've been wanting a dress with Susy's designs since I saw them last year. I love my new dress. (pictured above)

Angela Liguori: I always enjoy Angela's company at the shows we do together. She is carrying a new line of wrapping paper from Pikku. Won't it be perfect for wrapping holiday gifts? (pictured above)

Albertine Press: Shelley's press is located in neighboring Somerville. She has so many cute cards and a 2010 calendar that I am coveting. It's beautiful and affordable, folks. If you live in the Boston area, drop by the Paper and Chocolate event on December 5th to see Shelley's stationery in person.

Flauxy: Lovely, affordable jewelry. And simple too. I will wear this beaded gold chain all the time. (pictured above)

And although Katy Elliot was not a vendor at the show, she came by to say hello! It was so fun to meet the person behind a favorite blog. Thank you for coming, Katy. It was lovely to meet you!
And lastly, I am going to Mexico City for the Thanksgiving holiday. I promise to take loads of pictures! See you back here in a week or so!


katy elliott said...

Thanks Jill. So nice meeting you. Have a safe trip. Mexico City sounds amazing.

angela said...

Dear Jill, so happy we shared some time together during the show. These latest pictures are great and I love the new necklace! Have a wonderful time in Mexico and I can't wait to see you again at your return!

vintage simple said...

Oh, have a great trip...! And all your photos - they're incredible... I'll have to check the links. The wrapping paper looks like such fun. So glad the show went well. If I only lived closer..!

Have wonderful Thanksgiving, dear!


blue moss said...

you certainly came home with the most amazing goodies....

Laura Collins said...

Jill--it was wonderful to have met you. I hope we met again :) Can't wait to see the Mexico City pics on the blog. Have a great time!

littlebyrd said...

Oh! I really want one of the necklaces made form silk ties! That is gorgeous. Glad you had a great day.....wishing you safe travels and a wonderful holiday :)

erica said...

serves me right for being lazy about my blog reader last week! looks like i missed out on a great show.

hopefully i can make it to the next one.

have a great time in Mexico!!

Jane Flanagan said...

Love it all! Especially the Ella Rose necklaces!

Jill said...

wow, just getting round to answering comments, but thank you, thank you angela, maria, jane, michelle and rebekah for all your support and your nice travel wishes!

laura, thanks for leaving me a comment! i didn't get your name at the show, so glad to know it now. really nice to meet you too :)

katy, wonderful to meet you, it was so fun to chat!

erica, please stop by one of the shows, it would be fun to meet you, especially since we are both in cambridge!

Anonymous said...

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