Friday, November 13, 2009

holiday events

I just added all my holiday shows and events to my sidebar and I'll be updating my shop over the weekend with some new things.

Thank you, Jane from Simple + Pretty for the lovely mention!

Ah, it's Friday night. At my house right now we are eating oysters, doing puzzles, and listening to The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. It's feeling cozy here.

Okay, good weekend, all.


AnnaVallance said...

we have just had our first snow so this weekend is all about soup and the fireplace and extra blankets and getting cosy.

Jane Flanagan said...

Hope you've had a great weekend. The store additions look covetable!

vintage simple said...

It sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend... It was warm and sunny here - in the 70's... So we were outside a lot, which was nice, but felt slightly eerie - like something was not quite right. But that's what the weather is like where we live - fairly unpredictable...

Your store is looking wonderful, Jill..!


littlebyrd said...

Great idea on the sidebar - it looks really great! We never get tired of the Beatles around here. Have a wonderful week :)

Jill said...

hi anna,
wow, snow! it sounds very cozy where you are too.

thank you jane! hope your weekend was nice too :)

hi maria. we've had warm weather now the last few days. just today it's colder, but sunny.

thanks, rebekah! and thank goodness for the beatles. they keep hannah montana and the jonas bros. at bay.

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