Friday, January 8, 2010

more blue + inspiration

I gave my daughter my Studio Violet poster for her room. Wasn't that nice of me? I figure I will actually look at it more here than when it was propped against the wall of my studio.
These colored lanterns are getting a new lease on life too. I bought them a few years back, but somehow they just didn't get used. Now Lucy turns them on when it gets dark and they give the newly blue room a wonderful glow. Isn't it funny how different the blue looks in these two photos? Top photo is more realistic, although I prefer the bottom one.

So, madly surfing the web this week, as a respite from painting walls here's what I found inspiring:
Shabd's spring collection via Frolic. It's just soooo pretty.
This wonderful Dutch lady, Ingrid Jansen and her amazing home and shop via Bloesem and SF Girl by Bay.
And this last one may be my favorite, this dear little blog from Finland, Anna Emilia.
Have a nice weekend, everyone!


littlebyrd said...

Her room looks so nice! I love the picture and the lights....nice touches for sure. I can't wait to check out the links you listed. Have a great weekend :)

erin said...

shifting around the things you already own--a lovely wintertime way to change up the ordinary. happy weekend, jill!

katy elliott said...

All kind of good links. Have a great weekend!

Sharon said...

It's coming together nicely. Hope you'll share some before/after pics!

Liz said...

I love the blue!! It looks so refreshed and inspired, your girl has good taste Jill!

Esti said...

I put that poster on my Christmas list but Santa didn't notice... Thanks for the links, I haven't had the time to surf the web much lately so it feels good that you find interesting things for me to check ;)

vintage simple said...

Ooooh...! I will have to check out the little blog from Finland. And the room looks beautiful, Jill. I loved the observation you made about seeing the poster more by placing it in Lucy's bedroom. How true that


Maeve said...

My oh my, what beautiful photos you take Jill! Where did you get that wonderful print?

Jill said...

hi maeve,
the print is from studio violet

cheers to all you other lovely people who left comments too :)
thanks for looking at the blue!