Wednesday, February 17, 2010

brooklyn apartment no. 1

I'm back! This week is school vacation for my kids and we zipped down to New York for a long weekend to stay with my cousin and his wife who live in Brooklyn. They own two apartments overlooking Sunset Park, one where they live, and one they use as a music studio and a crash pad for any lucky family members who come to visit.

I'm always inspired by other people's houses, so here are a few shots of apartment no. 1 where we stayed. I love this place. It's small, cozy, charming and very liveable. My kids were ready to stay for the long haul! I'll post apartment no. 2 later this week.

Also, thank you for your kind comments on the cowl. Some of you have asked for the pattern and I will post it later this week as well.

More on New York tomorrow too!


Vintage Simple said...

Oh, I LOVE it! Lucky you to have a cousin with TWO (not one) apartments in Brooklyn..! :)

Glad you had agood time, dear.


Jane Flanagan said...

Lucky you! So nice to get a break. Can't wait to see more!

littlebyrd said...

Lucky you! What a charming crash pad :) I am just dying to go to NYC. What did you guys do there? Oh, wanted to tell you - Crazy Heart was so good. SO GOOD.

Jill said...

rebekah, thanks! i saw the previews and it looked so good. now i want to see it even more. maybe this weekend if i'm lucky :)

hi maria, hi jane! so fun to share this nice apartment with you.