Thursday, March 25, 2010

a bit of excitement

Our home is featured today as Poppytalk's "home sweet home" tour. I'm very excited and honored to be there!
By the way, the top of that dresser in the center photo doesn't usually look that clean. But nobody wants to see the pile of junk that's usually there!

More Poppytalk "home sweet home" tours here too.


jill said...

That is exciting!
I saw the original post on Poppytalk and had to come over and say hi...your house is wonderful. I love your style!
Oh, and also, I'm Jill too and I have a little Lucy! :)
Jill {bellalulu vintage}

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh wow! It's so gorgeous!

Liz said...

oh niiice!!!
I was just popping in to tell you your striped tote is on the Etsy front page right this second!
So, two happy things today - Go Jill!

Kim said...

OMG! OMG! OMG! I'm so happy for you!

Jill said...

thanks, jill! i just left you a comment on your blog, but so nice to know about another jill and lucy out there. and another vintage shop too.

thanks, jane! my husband just looked at the photos too and his comment was "it looks so clean, i want to live there". still chuckling about it :)

thanks for the heads up, liz. i got there too late to see the bag on etsy, but so nice to know it was on the frontpage.

thanks, kim! and thanks for your encouragement to send in those pics too!!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Wow, Jill. What a lovely tour! I really enjoyed it. A little more from me over on Poppytalk...

raining sheep said...

So exciting. I am totally heading over there right now. That garden looks gorgeous!!

littlebyrd said...

This is great Jill! Congratulations!!! Your home is gorgeous - I mean really really wonderful. I had no idea you and your dad built furniture together - how very cool.

Liz said...

I don't wanna sound icky, but I was really happy to see your bedroom (it must be odd for us to be poking in) but anyway, a bedroom has always been a decorating challenge for me - i think especially from having had shared apartment spaces with non-spouses (my sister specifically) in the past - so i always had to make that MY space combined.
I admire your ability to edit as have such a nice home, throw in a meal and you wouldn't get me outta there :)

Jill said...

thank you denise! i read your comments over on PT too, you are so sweet.

thanks, raina...of course the garden doesn't look that way at the moment :) but i can't wait until it does...two more months, maybe?? it's snowing here right now. arrrgh.

hey rebekah, yeah, my dad and i have had fun over the years getting furniture together. i always wanted to try to turn it into a business, but was never able to figure out how to really do it.

hi liz, i know what you mean, i love poking into other people's spaces, bedroom, kitchen, anyplace!
bedrooms are a challenge with a spouse (or anyone) and my husband is pretty mellow about letting me decorate...he's not opinionated about interior design.
and if you lived closer you could come for a meal anytime :) although i can garauntee my house won't look as picked up as it does in the photos!

henzy said... exciting... yay for you.

Sharon said...

The garden looks magnifique!(don't worry, am sure it will look as lovely this summer)
Am heading over to poppytalk to see the rest:)

p.s: I have an award for you on LiveYourStyle

Vintage Simple said...

Oh, Jill - that's so exciting!!! Congratulations!! I will be headed there in a minute - I have to read the posts I've missed here before I do so...! :)


rachel said...

ooh absolutely adore your garden! and i so want to make a little triangular flag banner. lovely!

katy elliott said...

Jill I love your house. How did I miss this. Your cabinets in your kitchen are perfect. Exactly what I want!

Jennifer said...

have you used painters tape to hang the kids artwork??? Now why didn't I ever think of that???

Anonymous said...

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