Friday, March 12, 2010

early spring

It doesn't look or feel a lot like spring here today. But then, early spring is about cold, and grey and brown isn't it? And somehow, this brown is a prelude to green!

Making me think of early spring today are:

A wonderful little surprise package which arrived in the mail yesterday from Liz. A trio of clothespegs, a beautiful note, and two lovely vintage button magnets. Liz's shop is here, and is filled with photos, handmade goodies, and vintage treats.

Earth toned birds from Little Byrd Vintage Shop. These are mine, but you can find more in Rebekah's shop.

Khaki French ticking totes. These will go in my shop soon.

Lemon tart from the May 2008 issue of Gourmet. I just baked the crust. Now I'm off to make the lemon filling. Recipe available here.

Have a wonderful early spring weekend!


Jane Flanagan said...

Lemony desserts are my fave! We had a few days of sun and today is damp and dark, but I like it anyway.

Have a great weekend, Jill!

Jill said...

Jane, we just ate the tart for dessert. It is so lemony and yummy...if you like lemony desserts, this one is just the thing! Hope you have a good weekend!!

Liz said...

oh gosh! heehee! The package looks even better with your eye Jill!
I saw the pegs and immediately thought of you.
(thank you)

littlebyrd said...

That lemon tart looks amazing! Such pretty pictures you've taken. I love seeing the birds through your eye :) Have a great weekend my dear!

Esti said...

I can't wait to spring to show up. I need some sun here.

Those button magnets are perfect!

Kim said...

Such a beautiful post. What a treat.

Jill said...

hi liz! i was immediately drawn to all the lovely brown and natural shades in your package. thank you for such a lovely treat :)

love my birds, rebekah :) i put the rest of them around the house this weekend too. so fun.

esti, we need sun now too...we are having a crazy winter storm for the last three days...non-stop rain and now it is flooding!

thank you kim! hope you are not flooded out down in's crazy up here!

Vintage Simple said...

Loving your spring, dear. It's true, no? That grays and browns lead to green... I had never thought about it that way, but you are so right. You just brightened up my day!