Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sturbridge, again

We visited Sturbridge Village again this weekend. The 19th century houses make me feel nostalgic for the town and the house I grew up in. I like these little trips into the past.

The light has changed now: it's brighter, sunnier, warmer. Of course we'll get some more cold and grey days, but for now, I'll take all I can get.


littlebyrd said...

That wallpaper is just fantastic. I love the mix of patterned walls and quilts too. Pretty! I know, the light is changing and I love it. The evenings are just a little bit longer too :) Have a great day Jill!

Jane Flanagan said...

I adore the wallpaper in the blue room!

Vintage Simple said...

I am totally on a wallpaper kick - have been for over a year now... I really need to just do it. I don;t know why I'm so afraid of committing to it!


lucy said...

Oh my! What a delightful historical village. I'll have to make plans to visit next time we are up there!

Jill said...

hi rebekah, yeah, i'm loving the longer evenings too, and next week it will get even better with daylight savings ending!

hi jane, isn't that blue pattern pretty! i loved it too.

hi maria, i love wallpaper too, all the colors and patterns, but i am worried that if i put it up, i would get tired of it too quickly! i'm destined to admire it from afar. plus i spent three years steaming old ratty wallpaper off all the walls in our house myself. it would be too ironic if i papered them now!!

hi lucy,
yes, you must make a visit to sturbridge. it's lovely there anytime of year and great fun for kids as well as adults. so much to see and do there, and a little oasis of all things 1830 in new england.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

The sun is shining here too. I went on the most amazing beach walk with a friend today. We solved all of the world's problems. Well, not quite, but it was very enjoyable. I agree with you about trips into the past, I'm a big fan.