Monday, June 21, 2010

hot hot hot

This weekend we gardened and grilled on our tiny back patio, which is also our driveway. City living. The weather is super hot here.

A selection of my tote bags are now available over at Fey Handmade. I'm very excited to have them there!

It's the summer solstice today, longest day of the year. Will you celebrate?


littlebyrd said...

Your city livin is so cute :) Lucky duck - it is STILL cold here and gray. Send some sun over here, ok?

angela said...

All of this blue is so charming. The bags looks great at that new site!

Jill said...

still gray, rebekah? oh dear, maybe you need to come visit back east!

thanks angela! and for looking over at fey too :) see you very soon!

Vintage Simple said...

I love all this color..! And it is so hot here, it's ridiculous. It's almost 9pm and it is still 90 degrees. Gross.

I hope you are doing well - I'm off to check out the bags at Fey Handmade.


gracia said...

Summertime and it is time to potter about in the garden... getting soil under your fingernails.

Happy days to you.