Monday, August 23, 2010

over the weekend

Over the weekend I found a wonderful vintage tartan blanket at the flea market. We ate some fresh picked blueberries. I started knitting another vest and began reading this book.
Hope your weekend was swell!


Vintage Simple said...

It sounds like a great weekend... And you're *knitting* already..!


(Okay, okay. That was a little loud. I'll try to keep my yearnings for cooler weather to a minimum.) ;)


Jill said...

Maria, today is rainy, cold, and dreary! The wind is howling off the ocean. I started looking for new winter boots on-line this afternoon :). I am excited to be knitting and not sweating at the same time though!

Jane Flanagan said...

That knitting looks gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you!

Robin said...

I've been looking for a couple of tartan blankets to wrap up in as I watch my kids play soccer etc... Your post made me yearn for cooler weather!