Thursday, September 23, 2010

Although I'm feeling nostalgic about the countryside in autumn, I love being around my house in the city, enjoying the little details I missed over the summer. Like sitting on my back porch having tea at lunchtime and reading a magazine. Getting back into the routine of life here again.


Jane Flanagan said...

The colour of the sky in the top image is Fall perfection!

Esti said...

I love it when you show pictures of your back porch. It looks terrific with that yellow chair and blue table.

I am getting into new routines but missing summer a lot.

I hope you are well :)

Jill said...

jane, the sky color was just too good to be true the other day! i think september is the best month in the north east for blue skies.

hi esti! hope you are well these days too! after i posted this about the back porch being so peaceful and all, two workmen came along to work on our neighbor's house. suddenly the peace was replaced with loud talking and construction sounds, dirt and dust flying everywhere :) i should be careful what i post!