Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fabric, baskets, table, all flea market finds from the weekend. I'm liking all these brown wood tones with white and cream. I finally finished my vest!
I just read the New Yorker article (September 20th issue) about fashion blogger Tavi. Quite an amazing story.


Liz said...

such good finds Jill! That table is A-mazing and looks so good with the white. I'm curious to see what becomes of the fabric too...very pretty!

lucy said...

Your place is filled with wonderful treasures! I do love the contrasts of the warm tones and the natural whites. Hope you'll enjoy these goodies Jill!

angela said...

Jill, I love your new finds, particularly the table! please save the article about the blogger for me, I would like to read it. or do you have a link?

sew nancy said...

I love the table. I make clothespin dolls and banners too amongst other things but I only sell them in a store. I wonder how they do online? I like the vest you made as well- pretty.

Jill said...

hi liz,
i'm not sure how i will use that fabric yet, right now, i just love looking at it!

thank you, lucy, yes i am enjoying the goodies :)

angela, i will give you the article next time we see each other!

nancy, that's cool that you make the same types of things! i am grateful for every sale on etsy!