Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ferns on our hike, and a little fern indoors, hope I can keep it going through the winter. Not even sure what the little plant is in the last photo, I just liked the tiny round leaves. I think I'm too lazy to repot them, they will live in their green plastic pots and this otherwise unused cup and saucer.
Rainy here, too wet to go outdoors. Good day for sewing, which I need to do anyway.
Best interiors over at 16 House.


Mary-Laure said...

Green! My favorite color, so full of life!

Jane Flanagan said...

I love ferns so much! My apartment (even my steamy bathroom) is too dry for them. Also, I love this blog link!

Jill said...

hi mary-laure! yes, i really need green in the fall and winter to cheer me up.

hmm...i'll have to be careful about watering these babies, you are right, jane. i hope i can keep them going. i have killed ferns before :( glad you like the link!