Friday, October 1, 2010

First of October and it is balmy, stormy, and tropical here. How strange. That didn't stop me from dragging my kilim pillows out of storage this morning. I'm ready for change.

I'll be making some pillows out of the fabulous vintage French red on pink ticking in the middle photo. I'm crazy about the color combo, never seen ticking like this before.

Happy weekend, I'm really hoping mine will include hiking and apple ready for fall!

* just added three autumn banners to my shop, more coming soon...


blue moss said...

Love the red and pink....can't wait to see your pillows!
It finally seems like fall..been the hottest summer ever. We went out of town this week. When we left it was on the 90s....and we came back to the 60s. :)

Jill said...

thanks, michelle! yes, i've got to get to actually making those pillows...been on my list for weeks now. sometimes if i put it on the blog, it makes me more accountable :) loving the cooler weather, glad you are getting it in the south as well.