Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuscan: part one

Hello again! Back home from Italy. Words can't really describe our experience there and the wonderful things we saw and the incredible people we met. Even my photos don't really capture the light and beauty of the landscape.

This was my second trip to Italy. My first was twenty years ago, when I lived there as a student in Florence for the span of an autumn. It felt like a bit of a pilgrimage to venture back there, older and wiser.

This time my husband and I were biking through Tuscany with Duvine Adventures. My husband does their website, so it was time for us to go on a trip and see it for ourselves. We were riding with 16 other fabulous (and I mean it, fabulous!) people from all over the US and we really had the best time with them.

So, I'll share some photos this week and next, first Tuscany, then Rome. Hope you enjoy this little glimpse of Italy in October.


angela said...

I want to be a turist in italy and travel to these amazing places. It has been too long since the last time in Tuscany. And I can't wait to see the photos of my beloved Rome. So happy you had a lovely trip!

Jane Flanagan said...

I love Italy so much. Such beautiful pictures... can't wait to see more. Welcome home!

Jill said...

hi angela, pictures of rome coming soon, next week, i hope! i loved the colors there.

thanks, jane! as good as it was to travel, it's nice to be back too :)