Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The only color left in our garden is purple! And bits of white fluff on the clemetis vine. I made this hat a few years ago, the first hat I ever made and the only one. I want to experiment more with hats, you can never have too many in New England. Are you ready for the holidays? I'm not at all!


ashley maureen said...

how nice to still have a bit of color! i am mostly ready-- but still a few errands to run (much to my chagrin). can i just stay in & bake instead??

AnnaVallance said...

Still not ready but I did order the turkey. As long as there is lots of food, everything should be good.

Jane Flanagan said...

So not ready and really feeling STRESSED about it today - every day I get home and there's mail from Ireland and I still haven't written my cards and have blown by postal deadlines. Sigh. Breathe, reboot, have a glass of wine!

angela said...

Love the hat and this picture of you. Lovely!

Vintage Simple said...

Look at you! In your hat! I love it. No stress...focus on the warmth and loveliness that you share here with us... it is already such a perfect gift, no?

much love,

ps: I love the goodies you brought home with you, btw.

Jill said...

thanks for all your nice comments, ladies! reading these, i feel less alone in the holiday shuffle. i do enjoy this season and i hate that i put unnecessary stress on myself about it.

jane, i'm definately going to have a glass of wine!! maybe two :)

anna, you are totally right about the food. lots = all good.

ashley, i love baking too, and will do some this weekend.

maria, thanks for your kind words, so heartwarming.

and angela, thank you too!