Friday, April 15, 2011

These tulips are just about over. They were so gloriously orange when I bought them earlier in the week.

In a quiet and sunny moment in my kitchen, I went through all these old Toast catalogs and ended up feeling overwhelmingly inspired to make things. Now I have too many ideas running around in my brain and don't quite know where to begin. I have a slightly daunting project to finish before I can begin any of my own work. But it will get done and I think it will turn out okay.

Have a nice weekend!


Jane Flanagan said...

The old Toast catalogues are so inspiring!! I love your tulips. I got some white parrot ones last week and they're in that final droop - all heady and abundant!

Have a great weekend, Jill!

Jill said...

hi jane, i love white tulips. i hope your weekend is good too...we've got soccer games and cousins coming to visit us this weekend. it will be nice and crazy!