Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flea market season starts soon and seeing as I don't really need anything for my house, I will be searching for little tiny things for my dollhouse, which has been totally neglected since I finished painting it.

This weekend:
school play
motivate to plant a few things
haircuts for everyone but me
clean laundry
bike ride? (I hope!!)

And happy mother's day if you are a mother.


Lisa said...

Such a pretty dollhouse! Did you find anything new for it?

Jill said...

hi lisa,
no, i haven't found anything yet, but it will be fun to search things out :)

Alicia said...

OH!!! I need some forniture like this for my daughter´s doll house!

Jill said...

hi alicia,
it's hard to find good dollhouse furniture, esp. the vintage stuff! hope you find some goodies for your daughter's dollhouse!