Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We're in a rainy cold spell here. It's good for the neighbor's lilacs and our rooftop lettuce and that's about it! I'm back to my winter cooking mode. I made a big batch of minestrone with cabbage, kale, and swiss chard yesterday afternoon and will be eating it for lunch today. Soup is the best dreary day food ever. I'm off to take a quick walk before it starts pouring again, then have some sewing to do. Hope your week is sunny, if not in temperature, then at least in spirit.


Jane Flanagan said...

So rainy here too and it's making me sleepy! Maybe I'll have soup for dinner tonight too.

Stylemaedchen/ Imke said...

It's grey and rainy in Berlin, too. But there is some sun in the forecast for the end of the week.
Your minestrone sounds delicious! Stay healthy!
Best wishes from Germany,

Jill said...

hi jane, it's funny how boston and toronto always seem to be in the same weather pattern. this weather makes me sleepy too...so hard to motivate to do what i should be doing.

hi imke! so nice to hear from you and i'm glad you are doing well in berlin. i still remember your travel advice from a few years ago re: abbott kinney blvd when i visited LA. what a fun day i had window shopping there!! i would love to visit berlin someday, hope life is good to you there.