Monday, December 12, 2011

What a busy time of year! This poor blog has been so neglected this season, something I plan to remedy in the new year. My studio is filled with red and blue today as I clean it up after a whirlwind week of making and weekend of selling. Now it's time to start thinking about the holidays for my own family.

I've got a few new things to post in my shop this week if I can get some good photos. Otherwise, I'm afraid it's looking a bit sparse after a busy weekend of sales at Michelle Willey! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our trunk show was SO great to meet and chat with all you lovely people.

These are the last of the grainsack pillows for the year, so if you are interested in them as holiday gifts, please be in touch. If they ship early this week (US, not international, sorry!), they should make it in time for Christmas.

We are getting our Christmas tree tonight...I can't wait. It's my favorite part of Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,
I am so sorry I missed all your shows this season-I'm sure they were just wonderful. Definitely interested in seeing what else you might add to your shop this week. Have some of my winter banners and dolls out and love the new cream wool pillow.
Merry Christmas and hope you had fun getting your tree!

Jill said...

hi christine! yes, sorry not to have seen you this's been so busy and i'm sure you have been incredibly busy too :) so glad you love the dolls and the pillow. merry christmas to you too, i hope your holidays will be filled with happiness!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, where did this red/white fabric come from? I can see a kewl skirt in that.

Jill said...

cubicle rebel,
red/white fabric is from ikea from a couple years back. not sure if they are still making it, i didn't see it the last time i was there.