Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hello there!  A little Wednesday afternoon shop update.  I've just added a collection of vintage wooden bowls to Jill Bent Vintage.  Just a note on the bowls...I've always been a little obsessed with vintage wood bowls and have a small collection of my own that are always out on my kitchen counters holding fruit, veggies, and general kitchen clutter.  I love how tough and useful they are and especially that they have lived a full life before coming into my home.  They have tons of character.  So, I'm always on the lookout for them and am happy to have found this nice little collection of 3 to share with you.  They have been well loved by their previous owners and are ready to be useful again in a new home.

And then, the clothes peg ladies...a little collection of 4 this time...maybe more as the month rolls on.  I'm hoping the cheerful reds and whites brighten your days.  As always, hand painted and hand sewn by me with vintage clothes pegs and fabric, and in my shop now.  And the ribbon they are posing with is from Angela Liguori's shop, Studio Carta.  Enjoy!

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