Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chaos Theory

Okay, back to reality. My house is looking pretty messy these days. Kids rooms especially.
Lately, I've been inspired by the recipes of Georgina and Karina over here.
And the Dailies over at Design for Mankind, featuring Stephanie here and Pia here.
I'll be back with more inspirational finds tomorrow, but today my reality includes one child home sick from school and a trip to the grocery store.


andrea tachezy said...

Hmmm, nice :-)
No matter how big the kids are, my daughters room looks very often the same.Love the frog (is it a frog? )on the bed.
I hope your child will be o.k. soon!

Stardust said...

Hopefully your kid is feeling better soon! We are having a little flu here too. That top doll photo is nice!

design for mankind. said...

Aww, thanks for the link! And how cute are these photos? :)

Mrs.French said...

Sorry you have a sick little one. Isn't it funny how messes always look better in photos? I think the messes here in this post are really quite lovely. I am not kidding, sometimes when B wrecks his room I take pictures of it because then it doesn't seem so bad.

Jill said...

Hi Andrea, I thought of you when I posted this, because I had promised you I would post a picture of our mess! Yes, that is a frog on the bed, my son's most precious possession, otherwise known as Froggie...he has a bad habit of getting lost right before bedtime :)

Thanks Stardust...hope your flu will be better soon too. Can you tell I still like dolls? I can't resist taking pictures of them.

Thanks, Erin, I really do love those Dailies you are posting and you're very welcome for the link.

Mrs. French, I agree, somehow taking a photo tames the mess. Or maybe I'm just saying that since I still haven't made the kids clean it up yet...and it's been a few days. But seriously, I get kind of inspired by all the color, pattern and texture going on in the messy rooms :)

{this is glamorous} said...

Hope your little one feels better :)

estibaliz said...

ha, ha, it is nice to see someone elses's mess. I feel so relate to this post! ;)
I hope Will feels better soon. tell him I say hi! :)

Mallinkowa said...

Very creative chaos. :)

karin said...

messy, ok...but very charming:)
That post about Pias houseboat I did love. Also read on her blog about it.

fine little day said...

Views of real life, lovely.

karina said...