Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Small World

My daughter's class at school is studying all things miniature right now, which means they are learning to measure and compare very small things and are exploring small worlds, both real and imaginary. An elf has been secretly visiting their classroom and has been leaving the children tiny little notes. In return the children are leaving the elf little bits of food and drink and very small handmade gifts. They are also making troll houses and a lovely classroom mural where each child makes a small self portrait of themselves riding a woodland animal of their choice. Lucy chose a bunny.

Thanks, everyone for your well wishes yesterday. The sick child is feeling so much better today and is off to school again.


design for mankind. said...

Awww, Lucy sounds just so adorable! ;0

artycho said...

It looks like she is enjoying the ride! Lovely picture!!!

Jill said...

Thanks, Erin. Yes, Lucy is pretty adorable, but of course I'm totally biased :)

Hi Artycho....I'll tell Lucy you liked her picture. I want to be in 2nd grade again and studying elves and fairies.

Esti said...

When I was I child I liked to think there was a little elf living under my bed. I would put small doll furniture down there and small clothes. I had so much fun. Then I run into a children tale talking about the same kinda things. I loved it then. :)
Jill, I understand you completely: I want to go back many years too, just for a little while. Please.

Jill said...

Hi Esti,
I think we had similar imaginations as children! I love that you had an elf living under your bed, and I can see how your childhood world is alive in your drawings now. Maybe when you are drawing you are back in that world a little?
I used to spend a lot of time in the woods behind our house looking for evidence of fairies and gnomes. I'm glad Lucy thinks it's possible for elves to live here in the city too.

Stardust said...

Lucy & her bunny look adorable!