Thursday, October 9, 2008


Is it really Thursday already? This week flew by. I passed the courtyard above on a walk last week. I'm really interested in how people use outdoor space in the city and I love how this space is a little urban oasis. Wouldn't it be nice to sit and read a book here in the late fall sunshine?


Famapa said...

mmm yes, with a cup of tea and a blanket if need be. I keep wanting to sit in the garden and read in the sun in the afternoon but the sun is so low now, it's gone by the time I get my act together.

karina said...

Very interesting how people used outdoor space.
Years ago old people used to take a chair to the side walks (at that time I thought it was very cheesy)then the insecurity change our lives forever, no more people outside, no more kids riding bikes, very sad, now the things are a bit better but not as good as before.

Grace said...

What a lovely place to enjoy the fresh air :) I like the weathered look of the chair. I think the urban environment prompts people to become creative with their space, which is always a good thing!

anu said...

Oh looks so nice i would love to relax in that kind of place!!!
Have a lovely friday!

Jill said...

Hey, Famapa! I always forget that London is even farther north than Boston and that your days are even shorter than ours. It's getting dark here shortly after 6 pm, although in a month or so it will be dark by 4:30.

Hi Karina,
Yes, this insecurity over the economy is really's amazing that you noticed it extending to people spending less time enjoying the outside. I wonder if that will happen here too. I'm comforted knowing that you went through this kind of time in Argentina and are able to give advice on how to get through it.

Hi Grace...I agree, small urban spaces force you to be more creative, and I really love discovering these (often) hidden little spots. Somehow they really cheer me up!

Hey Anu,
Hope all is well with you and that you have a nice weekend as well :)

raining sheep said...

mmmmm. so lovely, I would like to sit there with a nice glass of wine.

Gracia said...

Yes, I am with you... I long to sit in such a spot.

Esti said...

The sun doesn't shine on my patio too much during winter... I wish I had enough time to sit down with a book on a chair like that.
Have a nice weekend Jill!