Friday, December 19, 2008


Snow is on the way today, or so they say. School was cancelled in anticipation, and the kids and I just went out on a jaunt to Harvard Square. We stopped at Burdick's for a hot chocolate and finished up our Christmas shopping. This weekend we will be making cookies. I loved hearing your favorites from the previous post and I am inspired to make something with chocolate, nuts, raisins, ginger and molasses. I think I'll combine a couple of different recipes and hope for the best. Cheers!


mary said...

The snow is starting here! I'm hoping it's not as much as they're saying...but we're prepared with plenty of provisions if it is! :)

Stay warm...

anu said...

We don't have snow here:( the winters have been very dark for few years and it's very sad!

Have a great holiday and Merry christmas!!!

Mrs.French said...

but look at that magical looks so warm! I am freezing...did the snow come? xo

Jill said...

Hi Mary, Anu, and Traci! Yes, the snow did come! We have tons and it's freezing today (but sunny). Have wonderful holidays, you all :)