Thursday, December 18, 2008

looking up

Looking up today for inspiration. Wintry skies, colorful lights, and water droplets becoming a string of brightness in the sun. Tomorrow snow is coming!


mary said...

I know! Yikes. And I wanted to get out and do some more shopping...

I just love these images. There something about string lights, garlands, etc. that make me so happy :)

Bohemian girl said...

I don't know why but it looks quite warm there where you live. For myself, I am ready for spring I have had enough of winter now.
I checked your library, there are few writers we have in common. What is that Calvino book?
As for the cookies, I made healthy and good ones, short report here. But it might be too late now.

raining sheep said...

Gorgeous images...are those branches with tiny Christmas lights? I wish I could find Christmas lights that work on a small battery...I could do so much with that. I have not been able to find any here.

Jill said...

Hi Mary, I know, this impending snowsnorm is changing our plans too. They cancelled school in anticipation, so I had to take the kids with me to finish up my shopping.

Hi Bohemian Girl...I answered to Calvino question over on your blog :)
It's not warm here right now, snow and ice on the sidewalks and more snow coming today! A good day to make cookies!

Hi Raina, Those branches have tiny drops of water on them, not lights, but the sun was catching the water just right to make them look like a string of lights. I'd love to find lights that tiny too!