Monday, March 9, 2009

More pillows! These will be added to my shop late March. Today it is snowing again. Really snowing hard actually. I'm not too sad though, because on Thursday we are going some place warm and sunny. Really warm and sunny.


parisa mahmoudi said...

How interesting!Here is like spring!
Most of the trees have blossom and the weather is perfect!
Hope you have a nice time

yoon see said...

You have an interesting blog.
Love your passion on art especailly making pillows and seamless stuff. I found your interesting blog thru my friend parisa.
Good luck in all you do:)

Kim said...

LOVE the pillow photos!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous. Both pictures are like a little sigh.

Jill said...

Oh, Parisa, sounds like it is beautiful where you are! Spring time is the best!

Yoon See, thanks so much for visiting! I'm glad you found me :)

Thanks, Kim! It's always nice to get encouragement. I had fun taking the pictures and playing with the props.

Thank you, Sarah! What a nice comment. The kind I like to tuck away in my mind and remember when I'm having a bad day.