Friday, March 6, 2009

sunny day in france

Somewhere in France, on a sunny day in June.
Enjoy your weekend!


blue moss said...

france on a sunny day sounds perfect....but i will be happy with the sunny weekend we are going to have right here
wishing you a lovely weekend too!

anu said...

So lovely sunny photo!!!
Have great weekend!

Esti said...

I miss the sun...

Solange said...

nice picture, am dreaming of summer already and well, I will go to france next month.
have a good sunday!


parisa mahmoudi said...

The blue and the shadow!Fantastic!

Jill said...

thanks for your comments, everyone!
we did have a wonderful warm, sunny weekend here (it happens to be snowing now, monday morning)!

solange, have a wonderful trip to france! i envy you!

parisa mahmoudi, thank you for visiting and leaving me a comment! i see you are from iran, someplace i have never been, but would enjoy finding out more about. i look forward to checking out your blog!

artycho said...

I love sunny june days in France! It is funny to think that your picture remind me of all churches in all rural villages if=n my dear France!