Monday, August 10, 2009

hydrangeas, roses, and a package

I have a hydrangea tree in my yard and love how the blossoms change color as the summer fades into fall. They start off a pale green, gradually become a lovely creamy white, then slowly change to pink, then a deep reddish purple as the weather gets colder. Finally they become dried and brown, at which point I lop the remainders of them off for the season. Right now they are white and I have a few on my dining room table.

I have a few roses bushes in my garden too, some pink, some white, some red. The pinks are the most sucessful, blooming continually over the summer, always offering me something to pick for a little bouquet.

This little package with a set of postcards and a lavender pillow is waiting to be sent to the winner of the Creative Ones giveaway on Sofia's blog. Just leave a comment there...I think you have until tomorrow (Tuesday).
Check back tomorrow, I'll be blogging from the little house on the marsh!


raining sheep said...

Love, love that first image. So simple and so romantic. I could stare at that all day.

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh my - the second image is simply gorgeous!

Jill said...

thanks, ladies! your comments make my otherwise hectic and ridiculously hot and humid day!

angela said...

Dear Jill,

So happy to see your work into pictures and knowing you are enjoying the summer days with your children. I hope I'll see you soon, when you are back,