Sunday, August 9, 2009


August, and I'm feeling we have hit the height of summer and will begin the gentle descent into fall. Bittersweet as it always is this time of year.

We're back at home after a two week vacation in NH with my side of the family. Tomorrow we leave to visit my husband's family and stay in the little house by the marsh. It's very nice to be here in Cambridge for a few days though, and I will miss our house, our neighborhood, and our neighbors while we are away for the next few weeks. Today I made bran muffins and granola (gosh, that sounds awfully virtuous of me, doesn't it?) to bring with us on our vacation. After two weeks of indulgence at my parents' house I am in need of some healthy eating.

Our tiny little city garden is blooming with a second round of roses, hydrangea and day lilies. I will certainly miss picking my own flowers while I am away too. (That last photo is of my neighbor's garden, I'll post some of my own flowers tomorrow)


orange sugar home said...

have a lovely time in the little house by the marsh. be sure to take photos!

littlebyrd said...

Your summer sounds like it has been a busy-in-a-really-good-way one! I had the same feeling of summer reaching it's peak and a hint of of our maple leaves has already turned red!