Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Spent some time last week taking pictures of other people's fall flowers. My own garden is long on spring flowers and short on fall blooms. Next year, remind me to plant dahlias! I think that's what these are in the top two photos anyway. And I never get tired of ferns. I have some in my own yard, but these were such a nice shade of bright green.
And speaking of pretty flower photos, I discovered British photographer Cassia Beck's lovely etsy shop this weekend. She has beautiful prints and postcards, and I got so excited about them I immediately purchased some postcard sets! Cassia also has a great blog (which she very kindly mentioned me on today) and a jewelry shop on etsy as well. Be sure to check out her gorgeous work!


twiggy said...

oh,the dahlias caught my heart,so beautiful!
if one of your snow shot havent been already in my comuter as a screen pic i would have put it;)(sorry for my poor english)

Jane Flanagan said...

I love the ferns! Beautiful shots.

littlebyrd said...

My dad just brought me a huge glass jar of cut dahlias from their yard! I need fall flowers too - we have lots of ferns which I agree are so lovely. Thanks for the intro to Cassias blog and shop -I always say this but you find the best links!!!

vintage simple said...

Cassia's photographs *are* beautiful..! I love the pastels and blurry edges of her subjects... (And mental note has been filed away--dahlias, next fall.)

Jill said...

hi twiggy, i think it's so nice that you leave me comments even though english is not your first language. thank you.

thanks, jane. ferns remind me of my parents yard in nh where there are lots of them. i think that's why i love them.

how nice that your dad brought you flowers, rebekah! that is the sweetest thing!

aren't cassia's photos pretty, maria?
i can't wait to get my package of her postcards in the mail!