Friday, September 25, 2009

fall cooking

I think fall is my favorite season for cooking. Fruits and vegetables are abundant and fresh and cool nights are great for soups and stews or things roasted in the oven. We went apple picking last Sunday so there were lots of apple-y things that needed to be made. I think I spent most of Tuesday cooking. I made bran muffins, granola, applesauce, apple pie...I cooked so much that I didn't have time to cook dinner that night and my husband had to make us all omelets.

Hope you all have a nice weekend!


nikole said...

i think i'll go apple picking this weekend. happy weekend to you too.

twiggy said...

oh,your life sound so cute,adopt me!!

littlebyrd said...

Those muffins look delicious!!! I wanted to reach in and pluck one out. I agree, fall is a wonderful time for cooking...soups are my favorite along with baked treats :)

vintage simple said...

Ooooh, I can smell the muffins...hmmmm..! Your home sounds and smells so cozy and warm and lovely from here, Jill. I wouldn't mind being adopted, either, like twiggy you have room for three more people and a dog..? My husband makes mean pancakes... And my son is reasonably well-behaved... The dog is a tad neurotic, but very sweet. (Wait. Did I say the dog?) Hee, hee...!

Jill said...

whew! busy long weekend here. i'm behind in posting and responding :)

hope you got to pick apples this weekend, nikole!

twiggy, will you help me cook?

i need some new soup recipes, rebekah...i've been using the same ones over and over, but soup is one of my favorites too.

hey, son and husband are the pancake makers in my house too. i can never get the griddle temp right and always burn them or undercook them. so i make waffles, which are hard to screw up. you are welcome anytime to come and make us pancakes. plus my daughter loves dogs!

Mary-Laure said...

Apple picking, how very pastoral! I'm still hanging on the last drips of summer - some peaches, eggplants etc.