Friday, October 9, 2009

about fall

I'm over at Bliss this afternoon talking about fall! Come visit me over there! And have a lovely weekend, too.


vintage simple said...

I'm heading that way...! Have a great weekend, Jill!


littlebyrd said...

Jill! Those were perfect! I am thinking a new serrie of postcards would be very nice using these images :)

Mrs.French said...

you did the most amazing job...I am so thankful...I have been thanking you a lot lately...I am so lucky to know you...xo t

Jill said...

thank you maria :)

thanks, rebekah! would be fun to do a new series of postcards. wonder if i could pull it off before the holiday season shows?

thank you traci, for giving me a chance to post on bliss! i really enjoyed doing it, although, gosh, i was so nervous because i was the last one to post and everyone else's posts had been so fantastic!
anyway, thank you, and i feel lucky to know you too :)