Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i had forgotten

I had forgotten about these scarves in a box under my bed. I went to get my winter scarves and hats out (yes, it is cold here this week) and re-discovered these pretty scarves and handkerchiefs. Most are flea market finds, except the Liberty print one, which my parents gave me for my seventeenth birthday.

Someday soon I am going to try a recipe from forty-sixth at grace. They all sound delicious, and I love the way Nikole photographs food. And I would really like something from her shop, Herriott Grace.


AnnaVallance said...

Those are some beautiful scarves and hankies. Isn't it nice that you found them?

littlebyrd said...

Always love Liberty! What a nice surprise to discover these again :)
The teak spoons are quite wonderful over at her shop - I can see why you would like something from there. Enjoy your weekend!