Monday, October 5, 2009


Last week I had asked Rebekah of Little Byrd Vintage to let me know if she ever found any vintage clothespegs. She wrote me right back saying she actually had some she would just send me. This morning this wonderful box arrived from Portland, with not only clothespegs that are just perfect for making dolls, but also a bit of lovely pink cashmere wool, a seductive looking black skein of yarn, and this package of mini clothespegs. So awesome. Thank you, Rebekah! Your niceness is very much appreciated!

p.s. Rebekah's vintage etsy shop is not only my favorite, but also, Apartment Therapy's. I'll be posting some of my own finds from Rebekah's shop later this week too.


vintage simple said...

I love this - for all it implies.... And I am SO excited for Rebekah; it is all very well-deserved!

Mary-Laure said...

Beautiful pics. I love the pink wool - in French that hue is called "rose bonbon", or "candy pink" :)

littlebyrd said...

Thank YOU for this sweetest and most lovely post :) And such pretty pictures too!
It is so fun to pass on something you no longer need to someone who will use it :)
Have a wonderful week Jill!!

Jill said...

hi maria, thank you for your niceness too :)

mary-laure, rose bonbon sounds so much better than pink. leave it to the french to have a pretty name for a pretty color.

your welcome, rebekah. i love these little treasures, and i agree, passing on things to new homes where they will have a useful life is a great feeling.