Sunday, January 24, 2010

i'm nominated for a poppy!

Much to my surprise I've been nominated for a Poppies Award on Poppytalk! I've been nominated in the "Favorite Handmade Artist's Blog" category. There are so many amazing blogs in the category, and I feel very honored just to be included on the list. If you would like to vote for me, please follow the link here. You can vote from now until January 29th, one vote per person. Thank you for your support!

And as cool as it would be to actually win an award, I think of this not as a competition, but really as a way to bring more awareness to handmade things and their creators. There are so many people out there deserving of recognition, so congratulations to all of you who are making and creating things. Yay!


littlebyrd said...

Yay! I saw that and was super excited to vote for you :)

Jill said...

thank you, rebekah!!

vintage simple said...

I voted for you and Rebekah...and T got the photography vote. :) I just wanted to spread the love around, since I think all three of you are so very talented!


Jill said...

eh, thank you maria! you are so supportive of us all. much appreciated, my friend :)
xo jill